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টাটাৰ মালিকানাধীন এয়াৰ ইণ্ডিয়াই এয়াৰএছিয়া ইণ্ডিয়া অধিগ্ৰহণ কৰাৰ প্ৰস্তাৱ দিছে

Apr 27, 2022 17:55 IST

New Delhi [India], April 27: Tata-owned Air India has reached out to the

anti-trust regulator Competition Commission of India (CCI) for the merger of its

low-cost subsidiary AirAsia India.

AirAsia India, a low-cost Indian carrier, is run by the Tata Group. Presently, Tata

Sons holds 83.67 per cent of the company. The remaining 16.33 per cent of the

company is owned by AirAsia Investment Ltd (AAIL), which is part of Malaysia's

AirAsia Group.

Air India Ltd (AIL) and its subsidiary Air India Express were acquired by Talace

Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Private Ltd, last year.

"The proposed combination relates to the acquisition of the entire equity share

capital of AirAsia India Private Limited by Air India Ltd- an indirect wholly-

owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Private Limited (TSPL). At present, TSPL holds

83.67 per cent of the equity share capital of Air Asia India," the filed notice with

the CCI stated.

"The Proposed Combination will not lead to any change in the competitive

landscape or cause any appreciable adverse effect on competition in India,

irrespective of the manner in which the relevant markets are defined," it stated.

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